Jul 30, 2015

start over

you and i,
we are no different.

we all deserve a new beginning.

we all deserve a new exciting story.

we all deserve to be happy.

what had happened in previous book cannot be undone. but on the bright side, we can learn from it.

we are all human being, not a punching bag. don't destroy yourself too hard just because you have made silly mistakes in life.

it's time to write a new chapter in a whole new book. if you're not ready to hold a pen, know that God has written the best story for you already. take a breath, take your first step and start writing.

inshaAllah, He will guide you.

Apr 27, 2015

half decade journey ends here


graduate in bachelor (eng) of chemical engineering

here i am today crossing one of my life bucket list.

so, i've been occupied these past few days with farewell and final year stuffs particularly on final year viva presentation, dissertation and final exam too. i ended my very last paper yesterday. the lecturer had been helping too much for this one especially on the questions he gave us and the coursework mark. so there shouldn't be an excuse from me to not pass nor score. this one too shall pass.

5 years. it was a tough journey. i never had the thought that i could finish it two weeks back then. i was exhausted back-to-forths with my final year project, not to mention many long cuddling over the keyboard, trying to make the words come out right for my project dissertation writing.

i learned incredibly valuable things throughout this five years. on entering university for foundation programme on may 2010, there is absolutely no way i would have imagined the things i have done, the experiences i have had, all that i have achieved and the incredible people i have met. alhamdulillah, i have been fortunate and privileged enough to be able to learn from many people who know better in every single things that i encountered.

some of my juniors who were just finished their internship and about to pursue their final year studies had bombed my whatsapp for the past few days with tonne of questions, "how can i survived my final year with tonnes of projects and all?" "what major should i go for?" "how do you cope with it"

here are some tips that i think might help (clearing my throat hehe):

1. what's matters to you defines your mattering

regardless of what engineering programme you are in, go for major that can makes you passionate, you stick with it and get educated in it. doing something you love makes your life 1000% fulfilled, 1000% more interesting up to the extend where the subjects you learnt, the lecturers who taught you, the classmates becomes a part of you too.

2. nothing worth having comes easy

go wholeheartedly into anything in order to achieve anything worth having. this is the truest i think. as what i learnt in principle of chemical engineering class that,

mass in = mass out

it keeps telling that i only get out what i put in. and it is no lie. so if you think it's worth it, do it. think of how good it feel when you finish.

3. time management

knowing as a final year student, things around you might be a roller coaster ride. every single seconds are all about chasing the deadlines or you dead. be aware of how you use your time and get some me-time for your own self, okay? do not procrastinate in doing things, and you will be fine. 

4. be kind to people near you

you will get like endless of joshes from your seniors how stressful final year it is (like what i did in previous point hehe). at those times when everything was going haywire and you are being pulled in multiple directions, still, be kind to others. for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle. even saidina abu bakr mentioned to his companions, "if you expect the blessings of God, you have to be kind to His people".

5. do more of what makes you happy and be happy

final year shall not stop you from doing things that makes you happy. because at the end of the day, you are doing something that would change your own lifetime. smile and stop acting so small.

all the best !

Mar 13, 2015

almost the end

i am in the midst of designing a distillation column for my plant design project and i am having this headache that i couldn't describe how stressful it is (stressful yet i still have the courage to write. bravo me!)

been so long since my last post and tonight at this very hour i decided to write something. so i've been in this university for a little more than 41/2  year now. and i have finally assumed the role of Ms IK, the engineer. mixed feelings, man. mixed feelings.

around four years back, i entered this university life that are totally new to me and i grew to like it. i make friends including the one that i've never had the thought to talk to previously, i was involved in society (SRCUTP) and got to meet a lot of great and passionate people who are out there to make a difference through their own means and courage. 

i handled a corporate-ish event (Technology, Education and Career - TEC), a career fair and i got to meet a lot of 'elite' people shall i say. they wanted to help people in securing a job. they wanted to do good things. i admire them and i respect them for that.

i also got to experience what a 9-to-5 kind of job is for real during my internship a semester back then. it takes up a really huge chunk in my life, you see. and if you dislike those kind of jobs, it is very unhealthy. but that's different story altogether lah kan.

anyway, i'm in my final year final semester now. and i gotta tell'ya it's been a roller coaster ride and i don't expect to stop or to quit anytime soon. hard times make you grow, isn't it? to have to find a balance between my projects, self time and responsibilities is challenging. to get an enough sleep is challenging. rest in peace my sleeping pattern. these eyebags are better be worth it.

there have been times when i just sit on my study table, got stuck like what i'm doing now, not knowing what to do, staring at the window knowing the time is near and i shall end my uni life for good. heck, i can still find it within myself to smile about it even if i were in my lowest state.

i've holding on in engineering for, what, four years? of course i'm terrible. there is time when i'm so weak just like everybody else. and just like everybody else, you'll get better with each failure. can cry now. but persist. your family needs you, yan. and you do want to do that, right? think about that and you'll be fine.

may peace be upon you.

Aug 30, 2013

merdeka day, why you no merrier like before?

24 hours more to go before celebrating our 56th Merdeka Day. But I decided to post this early since it is a lil bit hard to find time to write. Every year, Merdeka Day is always clashing with my final examination haha. Feels bad about it.

Apparently, what I see Merdeka Day is no more celebration for Malaysians minus politics and emotions like how it was before. If you are walk away along the street and if you are driving a vehicle in highway, it is quite rare to see people waving Jalur Gemilang flag on their vehicle. 

I remembered in my school days a few years back, every 31st of August mesti like 'omg! excitednyerrr'!. Ada Inter-Class Coir Competition. Ada Poster Drawing Competition. Ada pertandingan hias basikal siapa paling cantik. It was good you know. But, not now. I can see it in myself. The excited-ness is fading away as the time I get older.

But hey, I still love my country. I patriotik kot!! Kann? *maluuu..

Merdeka is meaningful to me, and not only me, all malaysians I guess. Yet sometimes, the way government hijacking the event make me unhappy. Semak. Serabut. Annoying. Whereby instead of celebrating it on behalf of all Malaysian, they made it as their occasion to promote their 'party' itself. They manipulate the event. Period. 

"Malaysiaku Berdaulat. Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku."
Merdeka Day slogan for this year is away better if compared to last year after all. ihiks. This is what I can tell even the slogan is pretty long macam sajak. Hehe no offense meant.

Lastly, my down-to-earth hopes for my country Malaysia, I feel proud to be malaysian and wishing you a meaningful 56th Merdeka Day. *Bighuggssss to you fellass!

Remember the ones who granted us to get Merdeka in the first place. Without His wills, we wouldn't have the taste of independence. Say thank you Allah. Yet, thank you to our fore father for brought us this independence.


Jul 26, 2013

the ultimate guidance, selamat datang nuzul quran!

assalamualaikum, musliminions =)

semoga jumaat hari ini membawa keberkatan yang berganda ganda ganda ganda kepada seluruh umat islam di seluruh dunia. hiks.

"speaking in english doesn't makes you an english-men." - tun mahathir
and literally,  same goes when you can quote quote a line or two from the Quran, doesn't makes you better than other muslims. just because you are wearing hijab and kopiah whilst others didn't, doesn't makes you better than other muslims.

one thing to ponder, modesty is not only shown based on how you act and what you wear.
but our knowledge too. kan?

be curious always!
for knowledge will not acquire you.
you must acquire them.
*uishhhh. macam motivator lak. ehehehehe =p

but hey, beware of false knowledge.
cuz' it is more dangerous than ignorance.

it's our responsibility to do dakwah.
yet, it's hard to do dakwah if we are in lack of knowledge.

and jangan lupa, knowledge should humble you. "ikut resmi padi, makin berisi, makin tunduk."

P.S : hari ni nuzul quran! hari yang mana Allah turunkan al-quran, the one and only our ultimate guidance. surah apa yang Allah turunkan? Here you go, awesome people : Surah Al Alaq (1 - 5). nuzul quran falls on friday, it is indeed a blessing =)

less than 10 minutes before break fast time. salam iftar to all of you, fasting people! =)
happy ramadhan kareem.

Jul 22, 2013


14th day of Ramadhan is approaching.

Come to think of it, Ramadhan flies so fast.

Ramadhan this year falls on my busy schedule. And I gotta say when I've a busy schedule, keeping focused and caring about my own spiritual deeds are not easy. Sad truth. Well yeah, I know.

I had the feeling deep in my gut that there'd been lines I should have spoken, action I should have made, that would have made my Ramadhan better. But looking back, I didn't know what they are. Nothing I can do about it. Helpless.

"And the life of this world is nothing but play and amusement." [Al An'am : 34]

Mar 9, 2013

graduates in 21st century, kata Tun M

assalamualaikum bakal ahli syurga (amin...)

well, yesterday in UTP chancellor hall, there was a public lecture delivered by our former prime minister. our chancellor. ohh yeah. It's Tun Mahathir!

the crowd was too ramai! away bigger than convo's crowd i can say. some of us were sitting on the stairs jee. i lahh tu. cuz of what? cuz datang lambat for the talk. =p

yet, somehow stairs feel much more comfort compared to sit on the chairs lah actually. easy to doodle my notes. hehehehehe.

trying to make the notes moreghhh interesting to be read.
so here comes the mind maps. hehehehe =)

there's this one quote given by Tun yesterday that I loved to share with.
"21st century is a sophisticated century whereby education is the one that matter the most. the world is enlarging and we need to do adjustment. and in doing so, adjustment is better to be done by educated people." - Tun M

and today, the talk was out in payyyyperrr!

picture courtesy : @UTPOfficial

Mar 5, 2013

recover soon, lahad datu

when all parties claimed their side is the one and only right side.
when they keep pointing fingers at each other.

BN pointing fingers at PR.
PR pointing fingers at BN.
Najib pointing fingers at Anwar.
Anwar pointing fingers at Najib.

within that interval of time, 6 died.

if it is true. it's truly sad that Sabah had to be the victim. A question that 'pops' - "WHY NOW?"

politics tick me off. one can choose to ignore. however, when it costs the lives of others. it something that you can simply let go.

for those who keep saying this lahad datu crisis not involved politics. like SERIOUSLY? you know what. these things happened because of politics. politics is the root cause. period.

and for those who feel disheartened by those who seem to be bickering about politics when live are at stake in lahad datu. please don't be. i believe it is these people who are always praying for the safety of those who are involved. we care. that's why we get angered. kannn?

whatever it is. keep on praying for the safety of our heroes and our people. and keep praying this crisis will not be prolonged. my condolence to those who died.
"jangan politikkan semua benda. semua perkara. sampai lupa apa fungsi utama berpolitik dalam negara"
recover soon, lahad datu. ameeen. :'( *manly tears

Feb 20, 2013

main kasar

Main kasar.

Makin dibiarkan makin kasar. Lagak tak ubah macam orang gasar.

Apa kau rasa main kasar buat kau nampak kacak?

Datang tidak diundang. Pergi tidak dilarang. Datang tiba - tiba.
Rapat - rapat. Betul - betul di depan mata kepala aku.
Perguna 'property' aku tanpa permisi aku.

Kau fikir aku mampu nak menghadap semua?
Kau fikir aku mampu nak menghadap satu - satu revolusi yang engkau bawa?
Cuba kau jawab.

Tak boleh, bukan?

Aku selesa dengan jalan yang aku tuju.
Dikurnia Iman, Islam dan Itu.
Dan jalanku hanya satu. Kerana Tuhanku.

Beginilah aku.

Jangan tanya kenapa aku memilih untuk berada disini.
Kerana aku tak memilih untuk berada di sana.

Hanya Pencipta aku yang tahu. Senyum.

Feb 18, 2013

Blissful Monday

It's Monday again. If you are woke up this morning with a good health, you are definitely blessed! Be very very very grateful for that. Say Alhamdulillah. Have you say Alhamdulillah for today?

Life is a long way and usrah helps me to resemble a lot. Yesterday, my sisters and I were having our 'usrah' for this weekend. Everybody was like so joyous and excited to share what they've read. It's awesome mashaAllah.  I was very interested with a quote delivered by Afiqah last night. Touche, indeed.

It's in Malay. (quoted by Imam As-Shafie)

Barangsiapa yang tidak redha atas ketentuan-Ku, tidak sabar atas ujian yang Aku turunkan, tidak bersyukur akan nikmat yang Aku berikan, dan tidak memadai dengan pemberian-Ku. Maka sembahlah Tuhan selain daripada Aku. 

Barangsiapa yang berpagi-pagi dengan perasaan dukacita terhadap kehidupan dunianya, seolah-olah dia berpagi-pagi dalam keadaan memarahi-Ku. Barangsiapa membantah atas musibah yang Aku timpakan padanya, sesungguhnya dia telah membantah-Ku.  

Barangsiapa yang bertemu dengan orang kaya lalu merendah diri kerana kekayaannya, maka terkeluarlag 2/3 daripada agamanya. Barangsiapa yang memukul mukanya kerana meratapi mayat, seolah-olah dia mengambil panah untuk membunuh-Ku. 

Barangsiapa yang mematahkan kayu di atas kuburan kerana meratapi kematian, seolah-olah dia menghancurkan pintu Kaabah-Ku di tangannya. 

Barangsiapa yang tidak menghiraukan dari jalan mana dia memperolehi makanan (halal atau haram), maka Allah juga tidak akan hiraukan untuk memasukkan kamu ke dalam mana-mana pintu neraka.  

Barangsiapa yang tidak meningkatkan agamanya. maka dia orang yang kurang. Barangsiapa yang kurang maka mati itu lebih utama baginya. 

Barangsiapa yang mengamalkn apa-apa yang dia tahu nescaya Allah akan mengurniakan apa yang dia tidak tahu. 

Barangsiapa yang memanjangkan angan-angannya, tidak akan ikhlas amalannya.

*Respond to the quotation that I 'bold'..
Seeing a lot of people nowadays, and me myself sometimes keep complaining when Monday comes. Kan?
"Omg! It's Monday again."
"Alaa, malasnya nak pergi kelas pagi-pagi Isnin ni."
"Sekejapnya dah Isnin!"

No offense. I am giving the example based on the experienced.
And after heard about this, I was like, "Papppp! Sebijik kena kat muka." Tertunduk. Segan. #REFLECT