Dec 13, 2011

Think Wisely and Talk Wisely

Peringatan! :
Think Wisely and Talk Wisely bukan anak beranak Mr.Wisely.
mereka bukan adik-beradik.

a few minutes ago, my roomate do show me a link
and she asked me to watch the video.

harapan orang takboleh diabaikan.
nanti ada hati yang ter'scratches.luka sana.luka sini.
aku dah la tak seromantikus as the other girl outside.
bab pujuk2 "alolo-tomey-jangan-majuk-come-to-me" ni memang aku fail sikit!
walaupun roomate aku ni cool dengan tahap kesejukan
yang menyamai dengan tahap kesejukan ketika berada di puncak Gunung Everest,
but still .. hati orang perlu dijaga! lagi2 teman bilik sendiri. teehee :)

okayokayokay.masuk balik the part when i saw the vid.
i'm not writing this entry to 'sembang' about my roomie.
but about the contents of the video.

seriously, aku memang tak nafikan lah yang every people needs 
only the super duper best things ever to happen in their life.
mana ada orang mintak jadi miskin?
mana ada orang mintak dia jadik bodoh?
mana ada orang mintak hati dia diperkotak-kasutkan dengan orang lain?

but we didn't know what will happen next.
mungkin sekarang kau tengok orang tu looser yang takde ape.
yelah. setakat jual burger, berapa ratus sangat lah dia dapat sebulan.
duit make-up kau pon tak lepas ni kan?
mungkin enambelas tahun akan datang mungkin looser yang dicaci akan kembali 
dengan duit yang penuh di poket kanan dan kiri.
kau bukan Tuhan nak 'judge' kaya miskin orang lain ni.

tak semestinya orang yang kaya itu setia.
dan tak semestinya juga orang miskin harta itu, miskin rohani juga.

notakaki : aku taksalah kan kau wahai cik perempuan :) 
if i were in your place, maybe i might do the same thing .
just do remember - bahasa jiwa bangsa.
and condemning others sangatlah tak cool!

got ppl around who loves to bring you down?
just let them go withe 'hobby'.
keep in your mind, you're better than them and prove it!
live the life =)

-thanks for reading-

Any Bless You Had Should Humble You

a moment when you met a people
with the-so-called
"I-know-everything-better-than-you-and-you-just-shut-up" attitude,
how do you feel?
how you gonna deal with this?

okay let's just say i met with this people;
as for now, i'll let them go lah.
since i haven't knowledgeable enough. (sedih kann??...)
even jauh di sudut hati,
 aku memang terasa nak bagi kasut saiz lapan abah aku kat muka dia!!

just because of you speak the English language with British or Spanish 'slang' yang berhabuk,
tak semestinya you ultimately know on what you're talking about.
just because of you quote a few line of Quran verses or hadith,
doesn't mean you are better enough than the other Muslims.

maybe God had blessed you with a knowledge in where you don't have to
put on a hard effort in getting the knowledge itself.
in other words, or maybe you're genius tahap giga punya pandai,
tak semestinya you know everything in this world, kawan =)

modesty is not show by what you wear and how high your knowledge is,
but with how you act too =)

no matter how rich
no matter how famous
no matter how much you may possess
no matter what high position or status you may hold
no matter how much you think you may know
Just remember, a hundred years from now, 
the those now you see about you,
and in fact every human being presently alive on this planet,
will be no more

zombie is pretty humble ain't ??
-they stared their next 'food' with their sorrow humble eyes! as always! haha-

-thanks for reading-

Dec 4, 2011

Tribute to Que's Birthday : Tragic Birthday Celebration

salam earthlings!

semalam hali saya dengan girrpren-girrpren saya pigi itu Teluk Batik.
semalam hali itu sehali saja lah! olang tua-tua kate day tlip.

i've been to Lumut several times actually.but i've never bored of the place.
before this, I went there with my awesome abah, emak and adik2.
but this time was the best!
i went there with my UTP girrrrrprenss
(que,jaro,nieyza and aten)
and we had so much time walking and exploring Teluk Batik.
our december girrprenn - que looks kinda cool yesterday.teehee!
and you know what?? we got the experience to see the sunset!
the atmosphere was so harmony and calm.
anyway, we all went to Teluk Batik memang nak tengok sunset ponnn =)
Que ultimately want to see it haha! one of her birthday wishes tuu.

and eventually, we all terjumpa ada one uncle tu tengah buat exotic show.
and sure lah we get a runs of goose bump to that pakcik!
want to take a picture with the snake! lol.

from left : aten, nieyza, que and jaro

"saya dah ter'suka kat ular ni uncle..nak bawak balik ular ni boleh?? nak bela lahh :D"
ok ok. the uncle tak bagi kitorang bawak ular tu balik.
and after performing magreb and isyak prayer, we went for the dinner at Lumut.
que and jaro wish to treat us with Ikan Bakar.
biasalahh . PETRONAS scholars macam diorang memang extraordinary kaya! =D
(RM 3500 just banked-in into their account .. upps terlepas cakap!haha^^)
i tak dapat ponn rasa ikan bakar kat Lumut masa first time pergi hari tu.
alhamdulillah dapat gak! om om nom nom :)

we can pilih sendiri the ikan . best! :)
ikan siakap sweet-sour.kailan goreng belacan.sotong goreng tepung
and yeah tomyam campur, kerang bakar and telur dadar is not in te picture
this is Ikan Bakar Villa Seafood.
we all taktau any other place at Lumut yang lagi best than this.
so, Lumut-ians,  if u know, do roger! :)

yeah.happy.kenyang.seronok.puas.terharu and etc.
lepas sesi menjilat pinggan done, we went for a fun fair!
memang luck que lah kottt.
we accidentally found the funfair ;)

we all like tak sabar gilaa nak naik the wheels! =)
the tragic incident happened here 
when me and jaro want to take a ride on those wheels.
ada one kids tak sempat turun and the wheels start berpusing.
the door of the kid's cart tak sempat tutup.
everyone start shouting and panic !
situation getting worst once the kid start crying for her mama and
she jenguk kepala keluar from the cart.
and sure. everyone shout again .. and kali ni, dengan amplitude jeritan yang
100 kali ganda lagi kuat than the previous one !
and alhamdulillah . the kid safe. =)
but poor the uncle and brader yang duty wheels tuu.
kena caci maki b**i, bodoh, f**k, bangang bagai dengan some of the visitors.
and for me, they aren't supposed to do so.
nak tegur or marah the uncle because of his carelessness might be okay.
but in a good way lah please.
malaysian sepatutnya ada budi bahasa.

and for que :
happy birthday! may Allah bless you buddy =)
tragic birthday ever kannn ?? lol.
but sweet moment at the end. muahxx^^.
jaga elok2 the angry bird haha!

-thanks for reading-