Oct 24, 2011

Less Typing.

but, now i'm typing anyway.
urm..i dont know how i managed to come here and post something since
the laptop is still having a 'fever' and the internet connection broke it's leg this morning!lol.
it has been an ages since my last post.
am i? am i? am i?haha!
by the way, i don't intend this post to be long.
i just wanna post something after such a long, long time not posting.haha!
oh yeah, test week will be coming soon.
tomorrow actually..but i'm running out of time.
so as others say, but i'm gonna wish in my own version here :
"Have a blast on our Fluid Mechanics paper, chem-ians!"

so, thank you for coming to my blog.
thankies hihihi!
*acting as a bloggers with many followers supporting her.lol.
ok, brokenbutton.this one is for you.haha!
thankyou for missing my WONDERFUL 3a.m posts.
brag a'lil.
have a good day peoples!

oh, mu 1-city 6.
currently adapting to this circumstance.
it's okay lah!it it wasn't happen EPL won't take their great expectation
to all of the audience around the world.is this calm you?haha

-thanks for reading-