Aug 26, 2012


Assalamualaikum. Have been going through hectic schedule recently. It feels like yesterday I just registering the courses for this semester. 17 credit hours kalau total up-semuanya sekali. What I can say, May12 semester is so fast. In a blink of eye, on the next four days, final exam will be started.

But alas, as they say, you can't escape from facing the many twists and tribulations that life has to offer. Move forward is the best choice :)

Mak provided me with a loads of foods yesterday before I went back to UTP (kuih raya and kerepek to be exact, Oh! nasik paprik not to be forgotten. Hihi). And yet, when we shake hands and hugged each other, she whispered :
"All the best final. Usaha selagi mana terdaya. Stay positive. Turn back to Him."

Exam Slip :)

With this thought whirring in my mind, I was remembered how Allah had blessed me with in previous Ramadhan. Even I never had sahur with my family. Even I only had one time iftar together with my family. But, still. Having the opportunities to celebrate Eid Mubarak together with my family is really something. I still remembered when one of my friend, Kak Suha lost her mum and her youngest brother in a car accident while they were on their way back from an airport. And one of my cousin, Kak Linda lost her beloved abah on the first week of Ramadhan. Allahurabbi :'(

InshaAllah mak. Thank you for the words. And ease my things Ya rabb.

And I hope it's not too late to wish you brothers ans sisters Happy Eid Mubarak. Forgive me for any wrongdoings and mistakes that I made either intentionally or unintentionally. And may we forgive each other too! Not too forget, congratulations for all University of Ramadhan graduates! :)

3-in-1 entry. (finalexam+ramadhan+raya) . It's better I guess ^__^

Semoga kita semua dilapangkan dada, ditenangkan akal fikiran dan dikurniakan result yang diidamkan untuk final exam kali ini. Aminnnn.


Aug 9, 2012

#GodBless : Birthday Shout to Nieyza.

The picture was taken one semester back.
See the one in the picture wearing flowerish hijab? It's Hasniza. I called her Cikjaa :-)
Today is her birthday. It's not just any birthday. It's her 20th birthday!
I feel like such a horrible you knos! Sebab terlupa Cikjaa's birthday is today. Mihmihmih.
Get confused either 9 or 10 August .

Well, one of bestest buds in the entire world is turning another one year older today! Wheepy! 
Who knew that one day I would get to met this human being, and this human being would become my best friend. 

We have just started a journey that no one knows where it will take us. But, wherever it takes us, I iz hoping we'll be there together. Okay sorry. Cheezy gilaa ayat saya malam ni. Keterharuan terlampau. Yosshhh !


Oh mannn! You're 20 !! >.< 
Godbless and Godspeed. All the best final!

Till then, thank you.
Ramadhan Kareem.