Aug 9, 2012

#GodBless : Birthday Shout to Nieyza.

The picture was taken one semester back.
See the one in the picture wearing flowerish hijab? It's Hasniza. I called her Cikjaa :-)
Today is her birthday. It's not just any birthday. It's her 20th birthday!
I feel like such a horrible you knos! Sebab terlupa Cikjaa's birthday is today. Mihmihmih.
Get confused either 9 or 10 August .

Well, one of bestest buds in the entire world is turning another one year older today! Wheepy! 
Who knew that one day I would get to met this human being, and this human being would become my best friend. 

We have just started a journey that no one knows where it will take us. But, wherever it takes us, I iz hoping we'll be there together. Okay sorry. Cheezy gilaa ayat saya malam ni. Keterharuan terlampau. Yosshhh !


Oh mannn! You're 20 !! >.< 
Godbless and Godspeed. All the best final!

Till then, thank you.
Ramadhan Kareem.


akakretisss said...

nt buat satu posting cmni ye utk akak..kasi double cheesse :P

Wanny Moore said...

happy birthday nieza! :) my roommate,tira shoo nampak cantik sgt dlm gmbar tu. awwh~