Sep 4, 2012

Al-Fatihah to My Late Grandmother


I don't know on how to begin but somehow I want to blog about it. It happens so fast in a blink of eye. I got a message telling my grandmother who I have always called 'nyai' passed away this morning around 10.00am. And, during that time, I'am having my final paper for Structured Programming and Database System subject. :'(

And I for circumstances is unable to properly morn my grandmother's death since I've another important paper tomorrow morning which is Mass Transfer Design paper. Last time I met her was a week back then during Hari Raya Puasa. Ya Allah, I don't even know it would be our last met.

It such a relief when mum told me :
"Alhamdulillah. Nyai 'pergi' dalam keadaan senang. Tersenyum. Jangan banyak menangis. Banyakkan doa. Supaya nyai ditempatkan dalam kalangan orang yang beriman ye?"

Thank you 'nyai' for taking care of us: Along, Angah and Irfan a few years back then. When abah and emak is out for work. Yet, emak is working those days. And 'nyai' is the one who always keep waiting for us coming back from the school. Again, thank you for what you've done. Thank you for giving birth to emak. Thank you for keeping the family together 

Inshaallah. Till we meet again in Jannah. 

To the muslim readers of my blog, may I humbly ask for your favor to 'sedekah' Al-Fatihah for my late grandmother? Her name is Aminah binti Saat. May Allah be pleased with her and grant her Jannah.