Sep 30, 2011

Even the Elderly Need to be Understood

assalamualaikum and hye peoples!
all is well is it? :)
masuk hari ni, it has been 2 months since I met my abah and emak.
got a semester break for two weeks 
but I just can't make it sebab a lil' bit busy with another important matters
only God knows how I miss my abah, emak and adik2.
seems like I was in homesick mode eh? teehehehe.

baru dua bulan tak jumpa abah and emak, dah rasa macam ada something lack.
dan tibe2 buat aku terfikir :
"orang2 yang hantar ibu ayah kat rumah kebajikan and never pay them a visit, tak rasa rindu ke kat ibu ayah dyorang?"
okay, itu tepuk dada tanya hati buat yang terasa.

mak ayah tinggi suara sikit, dah nak lari rumah.
mak nasihat sepatah, sepuloh patah awak melawan balik cakap beliau
kadang-kadang kita asyik nak ibu ayah kita je paham kita,
reflect back ourselves
kita pernah tak cuba faham ibu dan ayah kita??
did you guys know elderly need to be understood too ? :)

in our religion(Islam), respecting elder people sangatlah digalakkan. is it?
even Allah do mentioned in Quran :
"Your Lord has commanded that you worship none but Him, and that you be 
kind to your parents..."
[Al-Isra' : 23-24]

maybe some of us rasa it was kind of difficult to understand elderly's struggles
since we haven't experienced their phase of life :)
sebab mereka lagi banyak makan garam dari kita.
while we may not understand on what they may be experiencing, 
maybe we can definitely try to be more sympathetic on their circumstance
and make an effort to understand them better peoples !! 
try to bare in our mind that family is our high focus in life
family first!(^.^")

soft reminder :
"what you did, you get back"
you disrespect your parents today, your kids disrespect you later
as easy as that
stop being a piece of crap!

assignments are waiting

-thanks for reading-

Sep 19, 2011

Kids and Cakes

salam and hye hibernating mammals !

i was just excited with superbly awesome performance by 
Manchester United over Chelsea 
memang winRAR !
(Torres gonna felt guilt for a decade i thought! and maybe he should go back to Liverpool.
and Uncle Suarez will teach him on how to score again. *oh,jahatnye mulut saya^^..)

okay.habis cerita pasal the reds and blues stuff.
back to our topic.
kids love cakes is it ?
yes! can see from their expression lah bro.
the way they blow the lilin memang lain if compared to us yang usia dah besar gabak ni.
kan kan kan ??
with their cute cheeks puffed-up, they blew sekuat-kuat hati all the lilin.hihihi~.
picture from dearie uncle gugel :)
see their puffed-up cheeks ?? hohoh. cute !
kalau dah umur2 macam aku ni, nak tiup lilin pon macam dah malu2.
we just trying to blew off the lilin seayu mungkin ! hoho. Bingo!

today : 19th September 2011
is my lil' brotha's birthday.
ohmaiugudness !! if i were there :'( memang kau tak
merasa lah dik all the crunchy chocolate kat tepi kek tuh! ;D
and from the MMS my mom sent, he just looks excited gila nak potong kek.
abah and emak bought him two cakes !
satu kek celebrate kat rumah and the other cake potong kat sekolah 
and celebrates among his bossom friends.
(oh .. ini imba okay !time besday saya mak wish jee ..)

haha ! kind of silly things lah kan kalau aku nak merajuk dengan mak aku 
sebab tak belikan aku kek masa birthday aku .
beliau besarkan aku . didik aku. hantar aku belajar sampai masuk universiti ni pon
dah cukup bless dah :)

so, to adik echad (his name is irsyad actually..^^) :
Happy Birthday and semoga menjadi anak yang soleh.
WE LOVE YOU, ADIK !! *hug.


-thanks for reading-