Jan 5, 2012

Semakin Tumpul

And again. Perangai lama masa semester satu datang menginap dalam diri.
What is going on with me? I don't know! My study SCHEDULE is getting LOOSE. Gonna have Organic Chemistry paper on tomorrow. Tapi i think my preparation towards it 'macam hangat-hangat tahi ayam'. Haih. kecewa dengan diri sendiri. I'd really want to get 3.5 and above, but seems i'm not gonna be a Father of Dean's List for this semester.

Being focused on something that i think i'm not supposed to. Worried about the future, the past. Instead of i should dealing with the now. This is only my second semester but i'd disappointed with myself for
not being consistent in studying. Especially when i got a dean's list during my foundation programme and it should boost me up :(

Yeah yeah! i've to realize this is the ultimate year for me. Next 4 months holiday, gonna apply to be a 'cikgu tuisyen' or 'cikgu sambilan'o substitute teacher are supposed to have a good result, is it?? Hewhewhew.

With that i shall end this post. Got a loads of chapters to be completed.

say no to this 'tumpul-ness' :)
"O.. Allah, please give strength to me to face all this challenge in my life..give me a calm heart to achieve my target..guide me with Your blessings . ameennn.."