Dec 13, 2011

Any Bless You Had Should Humble You

a moment when you met a people
with the-so-called
"I-know-everything-better-than-you-and-you-just-shut-up" attitude,
how do you feel?
how you gonna deal with this?

okay let's just say i met with this people;
as for now, i'll let them go lah.
since i haven't knowledgeable enough. (sedih kann??...)
even jauh di sudut hati,
 aku memang terasa nak bagi kasut saiz lapan abah aku kat muka dia!!

just because of you speak the English language with British or Spanish 'slang' yang berhabuk,
tak semestinya you ultimately know on what you're talking about.
just because of you quote a few line of Quran verses or hadith,
doesn't mean you are better enough than the other Muslims.

maybe God had blessed you with a knowledge in where you don't have to
put on a hard effort in getting the knowledge itself.
in other words, or maybe you're genius tahap giga punya pandai,
tak semestinya you know everything in this world, kawan =)

modesty is not show by what you wear and how high your knowledge is,
but with how you act too =)

no matter how rich
no matter how famous
no matter how much you may possess
no matter what high position or status you may hold
no matter how much you think you may know
Just remember, a hundred years from now, 
the those now you see about you,
and in fact every human being presently alive on this planet,
will be no more

zombie is pretty humble ain't ??
-they stared their next 'food' with their sorrow humble eyes! as always! haha-

-thanks for reading-


cik ayuni said...

yapp..seriously 1000 like i wanna give u..:)
just found a phrase when i playing "hangaroo''..tau tak?? baru je maen td...hehe

"a little knowledge is dangerous and can kill you''..lebih krg lah..

nway, x perlulah sombong meninggi, mendongak ke langit, sbb sume milik ALLAH...


sentap ke cik yan? sape buat yan mcm tu? haha:p

MZ said...