Mar 5, 2013

recover soon, lahad datu

when all parties claimed their side is the one and only right side.
when they keep pointing fingers at each other.

BN pointing fingers at PR.
PR pointing fingers at BN.
Najib pointing fingers at Anwar.
Anwar pointing fingers at Najib.

within that interval of time, 6 died.

if it is true. it's truly sad that Sabah had to be the victim. A question that 'pops' - "WHY NOW?"

politics tick me off. one can choose to ignore. however, when it costs the lives of others. it something that you can simply let go.

for those who keep saying this lahad datu crisis not involved politics. like SERIOUSLY? you know what. these things happened because of politics. politics is the root cause. period.

and for those who feel disheartened by those who seem to be bickering about politics when live are at stake in lahad datu. please don't be. i believe it is these people who are always praying for the safety of those who are involved. we care. that's why we get angered. kannn?

whatever it is. keep on praying for the safety of our heroes and our people. and keep praying this crisis will not be prolonged. my condolence to those who died.
"jangan politikkan semua benda. semua perkara. sampai lupa apa fungsi utama berpolitik dalam negara"
recover soon, lahad datu. ameeen. :'( *manly tears


sharul izam said...

Let's pray for Lahad Datu. May Allah protect and save our warriors and also our country. Amin.

MarnieyZ said...

Amin. betul tu, keselamatan negara pun nak politikkan. Semoga semuanya akan aman!