Jul 26, 2013

the ultimate guidance, selamat datang nuzul quran!

assalamualaikum, musliminions =)

semoga jumaat hari ini membawa keberkatan yang berganda ganda ganda ganda kepada seluruh umat islam di seluruh dunia. hiks.

"speaking in english doesn't makes you an english-men." - tun mahathir
and literally,  same goes when you can quote quote a line or two from the Quran, doesn't makes you better than other muslims. just because you are wearing hijab and kopiah whilst others didn't, doesn't makes you better than other muslims.

one thing to ponder, modesty is not only shown based on how you act and what you wear.
but our knowledge too. kan?

be curious always!
for knowledge will not acquire you.
you must acquire them.
*uishhhh. macam motivator lak. ehehehehe =p

but hey, beware of false knowledge.
cuz' it is more dangerous than ignorance.

it's our responsibility to do dakwah.
yet, it's hard to do dakwah if we are in lack of knowledge.

and jangan lupa, knowledge should humble you. "ikut resmi padi, makin berisi, makin tunduk."

P.S : hari ni nuzul quran! hari yang mana Allah turunkan al-quran, the one and only our ultimate guidance. surah apa yang Allah turunkan? Here you go, awesome people : Surah Al Alaq (1 - 5). nuzul quran falls on friday, it is indeed a blessing =)

less than 10 minutes before break fast time. salam iftar to all of you, fasting people! =)
happy ramadhan kareem.

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