Aug 30, 2013

merdeka day, why you no merrier like before?

24 hours more to go before celebrating our 56th Merdeka Day. But I decided to post this early since it is a lil bit hard to find time to write. Every year, Merdeka Day is always clashing with my final examination haha. Feels bad about it.

Apparently, what I see Merdeka Day is no more celebration for Malaysians minus politics and emotions like how it was before. If you are walk away along the street and if you are driving a vehicle in highway, it is quite rare to see people waving Jalur Gemilang flag on their vehicle. 

I remembered in my school days a few years back, every 31st of August mesti like 'omg! excitednyerrr'!. Ada Inter-Class Coir Competition. Ada Poster Drawing Competition. Ada pertandingan hias basikal siapa paling cantik. It was good you know. But, not now. I can see it in myself. The excited-ness is fading away as the time I get older.

But hey, I still love my country. I patriotik kot!! Kann? *maluuu..

Merdeka is meaningful to me, and not only me, all malaysians I guess. Yet sometimes, the way government hijacking the event make me unhappy. Semak. Serabut. Annoying. Whereby instead of celebrating it on behalf of all Malaysian, they made it as their occasion to promote their 'party' itself. They manipulate the event. Period. 

"Malaysiaku Berdaulat. Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku."
Merdeka Day slogan for this year is away better if compared to last year after all. ihiks. This is what I can tell even the slogan is pretty long macam sajak. Hehe no offense meant.

Lastly, my down-to-earth hopes for my country Malaysia, I feel proud to be malaysian and wishing you a meaningful 56th Merdeka Day. *Bighuggssss to you fellass!

Remember the ones who granted us to get Merdeka in the first place. Without His wills, we wouldn't have the taste of independence. Say thank you Allah. Yet, thank you to our fore father for brought us this independence.


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