Mar 13, 2015

almost the end

i am in the midst of designing a distillation column for my plant design project and i am having this headache that i couldn't describe how stressful it is (stressful yet i still have the courage to write. bravo me!)

been so long since my last post and tonight at this very hour i decided to write something. so i've been in this university for a little more than 41/2  year now. and i have finally assumed the role of Ms IK, the engineer. mixed feelings, man. mixed feelings.

around four years back, i entered this university life that are totally new to me and i grew to like it. i make friends including the one that i've never had the thought to talk to previously, i was involved in society (SRCUTP) and got to meet a lot of great and passionate people who are out there to make a difference through their own means and courage. 

i handled a corporate-ish event (Technology, Education and Career - TEC), a career fair and i got to meet a lot of 'elite' people shall i say. they wanted to help people in securing a job. they wanted to do good things. i admire them and i respect them for that.

i also got to experience what a 9-to-5 kind of job is for real during my internship a semester back then. it takes up a really huge chunk in my life, you see. and if you dislike those kind of jobs, it is very unhealthy. but that's different story altogether lah kan.

anyway, i'm in my final year final semester now. and i gotta tell'ya it's been a roller coaster ride and i don't expect to stop or to quit anytime soon. hard times make you grow, isn't it? to have to find a balance between my projects, self time and responsibilities is challenging. to get an enough sleep is challenging. rest in peace my sleeping pattern. these eyebags are better be worth it.

there have been times when i just sit on my study table, got stuck like what i'm doing now, not knowing what to do, staring at the window knowing the time is near and i shall end my uni life for good. heck, i can still find it within myself to smile about it even if i were in my lowest state.

i've holding on in engineering for, what, four years? of course i'm terrible. there is time when i'm so weak just like everybody else. and just like everybody else, you'll get better with each failure. can cry now. but persist. your family needs you, yan. and you do want to do that, right? think about that and you'll be fine.

may peace be upon you.

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