Nov 27, 2011

Salam Maal Hijrah 1433 : It's Never Too Late to Change


this were taken from Langit Ilahi.
After all, the quotes on the picture is the center of attraction here :)

"This World is Like a Race.
It Does Not Totally Depend on How You Started it.
It Matters the Most On How You Finished it.."

and today is the First Day of Muharaam.
which we Malays has been called it as Awal Muharam.
Selamat Berhijrah to everyone !
maybe for some people, they might think Hijrah is all about
the 'Hijrah' of our Prophet from Mekah to Medina.
well, actually it's not! (:

Sabda Nabi Muhammad S.A.W :
Orang yang sempurna Islamnya ialah orang kaum Muslimin yang selamat 
gangguan lisan dan tangannya dan 
orang yang berhijrah sebenarnya ialah
orang yang meninggalkan larangan Allah
[HR Bukhari no. 6484]

-thanks for reading-


sergeant keroro said...

salam maal hijrah. lets change towards a better person :)

azri johan said...

selamat berhijrah juga

sharul izam said...

salam maal hijrah...:)
semoga bermula azam yang baru