Nov 2, 2012

The Hopes for Blessed and Organized November

After so long not blogging and after 2 months after grandma passed away, yet, only at this moment I feel like to blog. I missed to write here. I haven't been blogging because to be honest, I feel like words cannot expressed my feeling and my thoughts.

Let's get back to our topic. Well, it's November again. A year has went by so quick. Kan? Pejam celik pejam celik sekejap je dah mid-semester break (UTP is in our mid-sem break now actually. But, I didn't go back. Since a lots of stuff need to be settled before another half semester started). I hope this month is about to be good. Yeah, a few good things gonna happen in this November. I guess. Haha :
  1. Angah will be sitting on her SPM examination on 6th of November. So, I'd like to wish you, Angah. All The Best and All Iz Well! Keep Calm and try to collect as many A's as you can. Since, it gonna be tough to collect A's when you entered university life later on. Along and family loves you!
  2. On the next four days, which is on November 6. I'm turning into 20! Hip hip hurray to me! Yeayyy. I'm so excited. Sounds 'forever alone' gila kan when it goes to wish birthday untuk diri sendiri? Kayyy -___- Hopefully inshaallah, the adding of my age will be parallel with the adding of my Iman, Taqwa, success, knowledge, and all good things in life. =)
    I promised I'll behave. I'll be more disciplined and organized. #NovemberWish.
  3. These next four weeks, gonna be tough and rough. Since, my crew and me will be busy in conducting an event collaboration of MPPUTP and HELWI_UTP which is "HEY, Ladies!" event. An event that we specially created for the females community in UTP. I'm done sending the event proposal this morning to the management. Let's hope for a good news soon =)
 Visited Angah at STF last weekend with le familia.
Quality time :)

It has been two months since my grandma passed away.
May Allah be pleased with her and grant her Jannatul Firdaus. Aminnn.

Salam Jumaat to all. Assalamualaikum.

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